Attractiveness is more than just who you like, it’s about appeal. Interestingly some of the best ways to appeal appear in availibity.
Have an open body language to show that you are available and smile. It’s always okay to relax, and needed especially for those long days. But the pay off of attractiveness may be worth it. Sacrifice the sloaching and stand up tall. While doing this, is it possible you attract a new acquaintance? Yes maybe it is. If you are sloaching, what does that say about your availability? 

Let’s talk about your style. To appeal to avalibilty, whether it’s at work, class, or the public, there always seems to be a style or ideal that shows you are dedicated to this area of your life. Body language is important, but style will really demonstrate that you are available because it is achieved in free time with money. 

When it comes to talking, talk slow. Talking slower may increase the focus of your fellow chatters but also show your calm and control. Don’t focus on anything else but the person you are talking too, as focusing away can be a sign of weakness! What is so urgent that you cannot finish a conversation? Ditching a conversation will show you aren’t available to them. 

As a whole, some things to remember are to avoid being boring. Engage in emotions with people, and ignore social scripts. You shouldn’t have any reason to hold back on what you want to say. Not only is this engaging, but gives people purpose and makes them feel important. Odds are you might attract them again!

And lastly, people need to see your hands! Studies have shown that people can’t trust you if they can’t see your hands. So whip those hands out, and be more attractive!! This is Zac Spencer, saying goodnight and have a great (better) life. 




Research: multiple sources 

Main: New York Best Times selling author, John Medina


Let’s talk about authority, second most important to success.

Note that this article is based on the physcology from the Stanford Prison Experiment, and I do not agree with the morals. We should however, understand what people in the world may use today. More will be posted tonight 8 pm PST.

Never ask anyone if you should be doing something, in fact, throw them off on your purpose for doing it. Some ways of this are: 


•Asking misleading questions

•Do not have any qualities that point out your intentions 

•Do not ask about experiences you brought on

•Have more than one authority with you

•Be specific and clear about your a reason you’re doing something

•Avoid contact

•Don’t tell them what’s happening

But that’s just the beginning. You can keep someone exactly where you want them if you create a new identity for them. They will memorize it. 

The findings from this experiment was shared with the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary not but a couple days after. Seem familiar? The difference between a guard and prisoner is that a guard doesn’t react differently, no matter who is observing him. He has one personality (all the time, doesn’t care if you care). If you have more than one personality, odds are that you are being a puppet for people.

But listen to this, nobody can control someone without individuality, but you need to crush others individuality just to have control. It’s you or them. Plus this may explain why girls get pleasure out of making you feel just like every other guy. It’s control. Control is all we have. With less control, humans accept themselves as lower human beings and become attached to that identity. 

To prove to you the importance of everything I’ve said today, just know that now with this study, juveniles accused of federal crimes are no longer housed before trial with adult prisoners, due to the risk of violence against them. And let me remind you that the ultimate authority that fits all these descriptions so far is in fact our government. 

Seek control, and crush others control. It’s a process, if you are starting from the bottom, people will feel inferior to you. Which means you took their control, good job.

Although authority can be achieved, it is not going to achieve everything in your optimization journey or make you a better person. These techniques are not to be considered for use, but rather to be understood. The concept is that you may see this happening in your life, today, tomorrow, or maybe from the past. I hope you found this useful, read our other blogs on broad power and optimization. This is Zac Spencer, Sunday, expect more posts commonly once again.


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Your order for life

What do you really want? I’m not asking you to think about it but maybe write a few wants down. Rationally, we only can change our surroundings and ourselves, so scratch off any unrealistic wants. A dog, for example, can change its activities, relationships and surroundings but not anything much else. Similar, we are picking things under our control. 

Take a look at what you wrote down. These are all your intentions in one big glob, but what if I asked you to prioritize them. Front to bottom.

Ask yourself, do I feel good about this? Do I want it? More importantly, this is not about wanting things. This is for someone who is all ready going to make whatever they put their mind too happen. (Read winners vs losers on blog). The best way to organize your intentions for the week, month or year, is to make an order to the universe. As if you were ordering at a restaurant. 

You can order up to 5 things a week I find, without running out of willpower. So far on my checklist, it’s been 5 days and I have everything done, because my intentions were clear enough to prioritize and get what I want from the universe. Order up to 5 things! It could be clothes, it could be a new job, it could be a new relationship. Whatever it is, don’t order something you don’t like. 

Ordering things we don’t like confuses the universe. With that said, here’s my new order because I finished my old one:

  • New friendships
  • Good grades
  • A popular blog
  • A new relationship
  • Family relationship

Notice none of these sound like a complaint, because they shouldn’t. Now with your order, all you have to do is wait. This is Zac Spencer, click the star if you think you benefited!! Thanks and as always don’t be afraid, have a good life, optimize more on my blog, and I am saying Aloha from Hawaii goodbye.