Using Ego for success, continued 

Today has been a Tuesday most enjoyable. My ego is well tended too, because I maintain the same one. We addressed this morning how Ego is an idea of what you represent. That’s all talk but when we look at our goals and think of regret, we adopt a losers attitude. A winner gives others permission, while the loser just waits for (x, this or that, etc).

Regret is not a valuable resourse, successful people stay humble because they see that for every good thing, an equally bad thing is attached. So for every bad thing, and equally good thing is attached. With no regrets in life, our ego is maintained. So maybe staying humble isn’t just a nice thing to do, but a successful tip. YOLO.

Haha, but seriously, the easiest way to change your life, is to change your perspective. So putting aside all hippie things said today, get out there with a winners attitude, but stay humble. 

Success begins to attract and this saves you a headache of problems. With regards to that, this is Zac Spencer saying not just to have a good day, but a good life.


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