Honest Thoughts

I started today reflecting on how unfocused I am. That pushed me to go over board and today create a blog and once again strive for success. My current situation is a student athlete with a broken ego, broken friendships, and a needy personality. On the bright side, my reputation is wonderful. In Highschool, while some are ahead in their careers, it is easy to turn to alternatives to feel better about oneself. Examples could be: Ego, Clothes, Friendships, Drinking/drugs.

Our schools are filled with this and our world becomes darker as we ask for bad things by forcing it on ourselfs. If I could speak to all students in my school, and help them learn something, I would say You will never be the best, stay humble. This makes success last, and requires no ego. Our world opens up to so many possibilities as soon as we let go of what is and let our orders for life happen.

So I have a new mindset! I’m going to make so many great interactions tomorrow. My goals for this week are to get new clothes, a better relationship, more active relationships, a blog space and good grades. This is Zac Spencer, reminding you that if you feel good about it, and want it, life will grant it!


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A new adventure!

Welcome to my interactive blog, where I want to interact with my viewers as much as possible. My intentions are to share happiness and stories about my life and compare them to other experiences you guys go through! First off, let me say that I will have a large audience and be multitasking feedback in and out of the blog as part of interest. I will do daily journals so you can see what they look like, my thoughts, how my day was, and I encourage you to do the same as you see it benefits unbelievably. Welcome to my blog, lastly, my name is Zac Spencer. Binge on my open book lifestyle. I will try to post daily! Luh you my people.

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