Manifesting made into 3 easy steps

Manifesting your goals is as simple as the law of attraction, which I talk highly of on other posts. A simple law about our universe. Do you think something is going to happen if you never try to make it happen? 

It’s hard be a winner. A podcast I tune into from a Stanford graduate talks about how winners use the law of attraction to manifest their dreams. What is asked for and thought is given. Ask for what you want and be clear about your intentions and yourself. Most important, be yourself. 

What is asked for and thought is given. But let’s talk about the most common mistake among users of this law. Confusing the world. The universe takes commands, believe it or not. When we cross our commands with self doubt then the universe doesn’t know how to respond.

Follow these easy steps to success:

  • Step 1: Ask, do I feel good about this? Do I want this?
  • Step 2: Arrange a direct goal towards exactly what you want.
  • Step 3: Keep your goals intact by not questioning them.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need to know to be successful! I have the best of intentions for this blog and my viewers, although it is 12:07 in the morning and I have school. I would love to hear what you think about this, although the law is very credible and accepted globally. As I always say, if you feel good about it, and want it, get it. Zac Spencer.


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Losers vs Winners

You are only here under the presence of my permission. In this case, I am the winner and you are the loser. 

That may be politically incorrect but that’s how simple this world is. A podcast I listen to everyday identified this. He went to Stanford, and did an experiment; by doing a giveaway of 1,000 dollars, and told his viewers to comment what they would use it for. One comment said “I need the money so I can” (x), and many others. The people that stood out, never needed the money. They got what they wanted on their own. Saying “I will use the money to goto the mountain and expand my profession” or “I will grow my second business”. Two years later, they posted about their positive results about how they followed through. They never waited on this guy to give them money. No “ifs” or “whens” attached. 

 A winner has a simple engine, they give out permission to the world. A loser, however, waits… and waits… (and waits) for the worlds permission. You may ask: Zac why is that? Why does that make you a winner? Because if you decide to win under your own circumstances, you will win over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. That’s how winning is done. You just find a way. Just do it. You are the permission.

Billions are held back by someone who gives them verification. If you verify yourself, you will grow all the traits you need on your own. I, for example, am not waiting on viewers to come raiding into my blog. I will grow it regardless.

So to get to the point, resist those who you don’t need to listen too. With the best intentions, Zac Spencer.


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Honest Thoughts

I started today reflecting on how unfocused I am. That pushed me to go over board and today create a blog and once again strive for success. My current situation is a student athlete with a broken ego, broken friendships, and a needy personality. On the bright side, my reputation is wonderful. In Highschool, while some are ahead in their careers, it is easy to turn to alternatives to feel better about oneself. Examples could be: Ego, Clothes, Friendships, Drinking/drugs.

Our schools are filled with this and our world becomes darker as we ask for bad things by forcing it on ourselfs. If I could speak to all students in my school, and help them learn something, I would say You will never be the best, stay humble. This makes success last, and requires no ego. Our world opens up to so many possibilities as soon as we let go of what is and let our orders for life happen.

So I have a new mindset! I’m going to make so many great interactions tomorrow. My goals for this week are to get new clothes, a better relationship, more active relationships, a blog space and good grades. This is Zac Spencer, reminding you that if you feel good about it, and want it, life will grant it!


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A new adventure!

Welcome to my interactive blog, where I want to interact with my viewers as much as possible. My intentions are to share happiness and stories about my life and compare them to other experiences you guys go through! First off, let me say that I will have a large audience and be multitasking feedback in and out of the blog as part of interest. I will do daily journals so you can see what they look like, my thoughts, how my day was, and I encourage you to do the same as you see it benefits unbelievably. Welcome to my blog, lastly, my name is Zac Spencer. Binge on my open book lifestyle. I will try to post daily! Luh you my people.

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