Zac Spencer ‘Who are you?’ Quiz.

I figured my blog could use some content to share the positive energy we build up everyday. So today I will be asking you questions, you can answer on my Instagram. This is very off topic and not related to normal posts, so bare with it or save time, but most people could use a brain break. These are fool proof.

Question 1: What ego do you carry?

Question 2: How does it help you?

Question 3: What people do you not like to associate with? Why?

Question 4: How committed are you to your life? Why? What goals do you have?

Question 5: Are you obsessed with anything? Why?

Question 6: Who do you help? Why?

Question 7: Who do you listen too, and who are they?

Question 8: Do you feel like you are built for this world, why or why not?

Question 9: Be honest, what makes you feel best about yourself?

Question 10: Do you regret things?

Answer these questions and you just described everything you need to know about yourself. Feel free to email me if you need support, I love to help. My email is , but life is a balance and nobody has the right code. Thanks for reading this unrelated post, Zac Spencer.


Author: zacspencer

I feel good about it, and I want it, I get it. It's about that new lifestyle and I have a tall order for life. Life comes through in ways you won't believe, just sit back and enjoy.

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