What we should be worried about

What should we be worried about, when is worrying a valuable resource? 

First off, what we are worrying about is more important. It becomes a valuable resource when we worry about the right things. 

Phil, my moms co worker runs a company called BMBB (Better Mind Better Body). I read up and here’s what I found.

Success comes easier but knowing what responsibility you have, and what they have. You don’t have to do everything, half of it is their job. Example: Basketball, when you get fouled, that’s their problem. People not liking something you like, their problem. This could go on for a while, but the main idea is that unless we aren’t taking care of our responsibilities, we have nothing to worry about. 

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Zac Spencer ‘Who are you?’ Quiz.

I figured my blog could use some content to share the positive energy we build up everyday. So today I will be asking you questions, you can answer on my Instagram. This is very off topic and not related to normal posts, so bare with it or save time, but most people could use a brain break. These are fool proof.

Question 1: What ego do you carry?

Question 2: How does it help you?

Question 3: What people do you not like to associate with? Why?

Question 4: How committed are you to your life? Why? What goals do you have?

Question 5: Are you obsessed with anything? Why?

Question 6: Who do you help? Why?

Question 7: Who do you listen too, and who are they?

Question 8: Do you feel like you are built for this world, why or why not?

Question 9: Be honest, what makes you feel best about yourself?

Question 10: Do you regret things?

Answer these questions and you just described everything you need to know about yourself. Feel free to email me if you need support, I love to help. My email is blogzacspencer5@gmail.com , but life is a balance and nobody has the right code. Thanks for reading this unrelated post, Zac Spencer.

Your order for life

What do you really want? I’m not asking you to think about it but maybe write a few wants down. Rationally, we only can change our surroundings and ourselves, so scratch off any unrealistic wants. A dog, for example, can change its activities, relationships and surroundings but not anything much else. Similar, we are picking things under our control. 

Take a look at what you wrote down. These are all your intentions in one big glob, but what if I asked you to prioritize them. Front to bottom.

Ask yourself, do I feel good about this? Do I want it? More importantly, this is not about wanting things. This is for someone who is all ready going to make whatever they put their mind too happen. (Read winners vs losers on blog). The best way to organize your intentions for the week, month or year, is to make an order to the universe. As if you were ordering at a restaurant. 

You can order up to 5 things a week I find, without running out of willpower. So far on my checklist, it’s been 5 days and I have everything done, because my intentions were clear enough to prioritize and get what I want from the universe. Order up to 5 things! It could be clothes, it could be a new job, it could be a new relationship. Whatever it is, don’t order something you don’t like. 

Ordering things we don’t like confuses the universe. With that said, here’s my new order because I finished my old one:

  • New friendships
  • Good grades
  • A popular blog
  • A new relationship
  • Family relationship

Notice none of these sound like a complaint, because they shouldn’t. Now with your order, all you have to do is wait. This is Zac Spencer, click the star if you think you benefited!! Thanks and as always don’t be afraid, have a good life, optimize more on my blog, and I am saying Aloha from Hawaii goodbye.

Using Ego for success, continued 

Today has been a Tuesday most enjoyable. My ego is well tended too, because I maintain the same one. We addressed this morning how Ego is an idea of what you represent. That’s all talk but when we look at our goals and think of regret, we adopt a losers attitude. A winner gives others permission, while the loser just waits for (x, this or that, etc).

Regret is not a valuable resourse, successful people stay humble because they see that for every good thing, an equally bad thing is attached. So for every bad thing, and equally good thing is attached. With no regrets in life, our ego is maintained. So maybe staying humble isn’t just a nice thing to do, but a successful tip. YOLO.

Haha, but seriously, the easiest way to change your life, is to change your perspective. So putting aside all hippie things said today, get out there with a winners attitude, but stay humble. 

Success begins to attract and this saves you a headache of problems. With regards to that, this is Zac Spencer saying not just to have a good day, but a good life.


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Using Ego for success

This is in part 2 to my latest blog about Manifesting. If I were a viewer I would go back and read that first or this blog might not make a lot of sense. But seriously guys, if you’re reading this today happy Tuesday! Today is a great day, many people forget that their life is lived everyday aside from the weekend. It’s always time to live. 

It’s always time to live, but it’s never time to waste your time to live. Zac, now common, that doesn’t even make sense. It does, because it’s possible to live a life of productivity while being happy, everyday. I live my week days in luxury while downgrading my weekend for it. That way, my already-happy weekend is just like every other day. We can do this by using an Ego for success.

Egos are important to us as humans in the 2000’s especially. It’s an idea of what you represent, or a code for yourself. What if you made a code for success? Now that might be impossible, but the law of attraction plays a powerful part. An educated Ego with our laws is a powerful Ego. 

Read into later tonight for part 2, anyways, love you my people for reading this blog and leaving support, with regards to that, Zac Spencer.


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Manifesting made into 3 easy steps

Manifesting your goals is as simple as the law of attraction, which I talk highly of on other posts. A simple law about our universe. Do you think something is going to happen if you never try to make it happen? 

It’s hard be a winner. A podcast I tune into from a Stanford graduate talks about how winners use the law of attraction to manifest their dreams. What is asked for and thought is given. Ask for what you want and be clear about your intentions and yourself. Most important, be yourself. 

What is asked for and thought is given. But let’s talk about the most common mistake among users of this law. Confusing the world. The universe takes commands, believe it or not. When we cross our commands with self doubt then the universe doesn’t know how to respond.

Follow these easy steps to success:

  • Step 1: Ask, do I feel good about this? Do I want this?
  • Step 2: Arrange a direct goal towards exactly what you want.
  • Step 3: Keep your goals intact by not questioning them.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need to know to be successful! I have the best of intentions for this blog and my viewers, although it is 12:07 in the morning and I have school. I would love to hear what you think about this, although the law is very credible and accepted globally. As I always say, if you feel good about it, and want it, get it. Zac Spencer.


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Losers vs Winners

You are only here under the presence of my permission. In this case, I am the winner and you are the loser. 

That may be politically incorrect but that’s how simple this world is. A podcast I listen to everyday identified this. He went to Stanford, and did an experiment; by doing a giveaway of 1,000 dollars, and told his viewers to comment what they would use it for. One comment said “I need the money so I can” (x), and many others. The people that stood out, never needed the money. They got what they wanted on their own. Saying “I will use the money to goto the mountain and expand my profession” or “I will grow my second business”. Two years later, they posted about their positive results about how they followed through. They never waited on this guy to give them money. No “ifs” or “whens” attached. 

 A winner has a simple engine, they give out permission to the world. A loser, however, waits… and waits… (and waits) for the worlds permission. You may ask: Zac why is that? Why does that make you a winner? Because if you decide to win under your own circumstances, you will win over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. That’s how winning is done. You just find a way. Just do it. You are the permission.

Billions are held back by someone who gives them verification. If you verify yourself, you will grow all the traits you need on your own. I, for example, am not waiting on viewers to come raiding into my blog. I will grow it regardless.

So to get to the point, resist those who you don’t need to listen too. With the best intentions, Zac Spencer.


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